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In the heart of the black perigord, on one of the highest and most nicest ciffs of the valley Dordogne, stands
the Chateau of Beynac and the medieval village which is the witness of the HISTORY.

Occuped since the final bronze age, 2000 years before J.C., the rocks which overlooks the river was a very good
defensive wall and a good look out for the fortress. The daring architecture illustrated the caracters of one of the
four olds Baronnies of the Perigord.

Beynac is listed as one of the most beautiful village in France.
It offers visitors its old cobbled streets and squares which round the
corner you will find small commercial shops and craftsmen.

If you like ta walk in the past, you can visit tbe castel. the
museum of protohistoire, the archeologic park the church of

You can always stop off to taste the local gastronomy or take a trip
on the river.

At least, you realise that Beynac was worth a stay.

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