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The French Royal fortified village of Mont de Domme was founded in 1820 next to the feudal castle of Domme-Vieille. Its fortifications and population grew as a result of certain rights bestowed on it by the king, including the right to have consuls, administrators and judges, immunities and the right to mint money. The fortified village played an important role during the 100 YearsVar. Lost and reconquered several times, its key position made it the seneschalsy of Perigord-Quercy in the 14th C. A gift from the famous Gilbert de Domme to the inhabitants of the village made them Lords of many surroundings domains. At the conclusion of the 100 Years'War, the castle of Domme-Vieille, confiscated from the traitor Bertrand d'Abzac, became the king's castle. Several bishops of Sarlat made Domme their residence. The wars of Religion and the Catholic League brought troubled times and destruction to the town. Geoffroy de Vivans, a Huguenot captain, took refuge there, demolishing the church and the former Augustinian monasteri. When peace returned, they were reconstructed and a callege foun- ded. From the 17th -19th C., vineyards and the trade of the Dordogne river ensured a certain prosperity for the region of Domme. The plain of Bort was a centre for the quarning of millstones. Amongst the famous figures from Dome are the Convention iMember Guillaume Taillefer and the legal expert Jacques de Maleville, one of the drafters of the Ciiil Code. The hillsides of Domme house superb caves ~%ose showers of stalactites and sparkling crystal stalagmites attain an unparalleled beauh:. highlighted bv the most up-to-date lighting methods.




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