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Le "Thot"

A supplement to LASCAUX II one can't miss To discover prehistory and the environnement
of Cro-Magnon; his world and the animals he used to meet The new museum area (completely
done up in 2005) and the animal park make up a great interpretation center about prehistory for all ages.
The replica of the Nef (one can't see in LASCAUX II) is a real treasure.
It shows the "scène du Puits the "Frise des Cerfs", the "Grande vache Noire" and the "Bisons adossés
exactly as they were in the original cave (as far as the size and the ground are concerned) .
we can also see the reconstitution or a palaeolithic camp and a room where the technical gestures of prehistoric
artists are shown. The animals one can see in the park are descended from the species represented at LASCAUX
or in other decorated caves: reindeer, European bisons. aurochs, Przewalski horses, Tarpan horses, ibex and fallowdeer.
The terrace overlooking the park evokes the rock shelters and the exhibition areas are made to recreate a cave atmosphere.
Two educational areas are available after booking: prehistoric art technics - archaeological excavation
Le THOT is the site one must see to understand better other prehistoric places.

Site recommandé par l'Abcdaire du Tourisme

Annuaire des gites et des locations saisonnières, en direct des propriétaires !