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The town of Limeuil receives its names from the Celtic word "Lemoïalum", a place planted with elm trees. The elms have disappeared, but the town, with its rich past, is still there. Classed as one of the "pret- tiest vilages in France", it admirably Anished off the attracti- ve Vezere valley, one of the hun- dred spots chosen by Unesco for the heritage of humanity. Specially situated at the mee- ting of the Vezere and Dordogne rivers, it has always been a focal point for men. As a prehistoric site, its rocky terraces overlooked the rivers and made it a place of defence. In the Middle Ages, the town was mar- ked by the struggles between French and English during the 100 Years'War. For centuries there was an active river transport trade and the heavy barges nammed "Gabares" used Limeuil as a port and a place for safe anchorage. in the plain, the expiatory chapel of St-Martin-de-limeuil, with its pure Romanesque style, will be celebrating its eight hundredth anniversary in 1994. Limeuil offers you: - "Balladin" boat trips on the river together with canoes and kayaks, - fishing and swimming, - trekking and mountain bikes - crafts such as glassblowing and forging, - The Chateau Park overlooking the confluence.



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