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Saint Cernin de Reilhac
24580 Rouffignac
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Leading land of Black Perigord and
Valley of the Vezere, Montignac is home to
a masterpiece of worldwide renown, the
Cave of Lascaux, whose facsimile opened
in 1983.
A vibrant backcloth, Montignac was also
home to illustrious characters such as
Eugene le Roy, eulogist of the Perigord
and, amongst other works, author of
"Jacquou le Croquant", Jules Clédat,
Pierre Lachambeaudie, Joseph Joubert,
Elie Lacoste and Yvon Delbos.
Like a mother of fertility, the Vezere
splits the town in two and on each side of
its banks have sprung up fountains, washing places, houses on piles and sunsoaked half-timbered buildings.
On looking up, you will see the castle or former haunt of the Counts of Perigord which, perched on its rocky spur,
oversees the town nestling below.
Stroll around and discover the many shops and artisans, gastronomic fare, the characteristic market aromas or
simply the inspiring, peerless light which bathes our day-to-day world.
Montignac is a pure mosaic of pleasures: events, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, a varied landscape, trekking (on
foot, on horseback or by mountain bike), canoeing, swimming, tennis, cinema, library, tour of the town, museums,
chateaux and various local sites, outstanding villages in the vicinity...
A vast, unforgettable programme!

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