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Saint Cernin de Reilhac
24580 Rouffignac
Rents in " Périgord Noir "


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Rouffignac saint cernin de Reilhac

Situated in the North-West of the Black
Perigord, Rouffignac and its surrounding
area are a passageway from Perigueux. It is a
region of woods (Barade Forest = the
Land of Jacquou le Croquant) and
strawberry production.
The site was already inhabited in
prehistoric times: the cave of the
Hundred Mammoths (Historical
Monument) is the largest decorated cave
known today (6 miles of galleries and 270
paintings or engravings).
The chateau de l'Herm was rebuilt in the 16th C. on its medieval foundations (Historical Monument) in a
flamboyant gothic style, notably the main entrance, stairway and fireplaces.
The church of St-Germain (Historical Monument) is of the same period. Its columns with spiral mouldings
seem to have the same source of inspiration as the decoration of the centre of the large staircase in the chateau
de l'Herm.
Not so far the trekking paths (GR 36).

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